How Top Health Professionals Use Wearables And Consumer Health Devices To Remotely Monitor and Engage Their Clients.

Of the Hundreds Of Health Tracking Devices Available Right Now,

Choosing The Right Ones With The Right Strategy Is Critical For Success.

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“We use the Heads Up dashboard with our patients at the GladdMD clinic for remote health monitoring. We can now leverage the latest digital health technology to see deeper into our client’s health and optimize the lifestyle factors (diet, sleep, exercise, stress) driving their success.”

- Dr. Jeff Gladd MD - Owner - GladdMD

This New E-Book Will Help You Future Proof Your Practice.

As more clients want to share their lifestyle data with their practitioner in hopes of better health outcomes, it's now becoming necessary to incorporate all of this data into your remote wellness monitoring strategy.

Our guide allows you to strategize how to include consumer wearables into your practice as well as the capabilities of some of the industries most advanced!

By Reading This You Will Learn

  • How to incorporate lifestyle data from wearables into your remote wellness monitoring strategy
  • The ins and outs of the top metrics for health optimization, that practices need to look at
  • Use cases or what metrics to measure for all major practice types including health optimization, chronic disease management, coaches, and corporate wellness
  • The Heads Up Support Matrix which includes 18 major consumer wearables, the biomarkers they measure and which are the best for your needs!